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Aquila Tenor Single Low Wound G String, ATSLWG-1

Aquila Tenor Single Low Wound G String, ATSLWG-1
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By Eduardo J.
Miami Florida
Single Low G strings
November 7, 2022
Very satisfied for getting single strings
Good No cons
By Adam S.
Sunny SoCal
Good price, good strings!
January 26, 2022
I've been playing ukulele for a couple years now, and far prefer the low-g tuning. The Aquila low-g strings sound great, but tend to wear out more quickly than other uke strings in my experience.

Fortunately these single-string packs are cheap enough that I can buy a handful of just the low-g strings, and replace them when they wear out, and only have to replace (and re-stretch) the one string. I can replace the other strings as they wear out, without having to buy a full set of strings every time.
Much cheaper & easier to replace the single low-g string, rather than the whole set. Aquila's wound strings wear out more quickly than their nylon ones, so these need to be replaced more often.
By Mo
Tenor wound low G
November 9, 2019
I’ve been using this type string for many years simply because there are no other companies that make a wound low G. They start out bright and punchy but don’t last very long. I have to change them twice a year, sometimes more, every 3 months if I play a lot.
By Rodger
June 24, 2011
Always happy with your strings! Thanks again for your good service and products.
By danny
May 9, 2011
GREAT sounding string, I dont like to play the ukulele with anything but this low g set....just buy the set, and a couple of these singles, and you are good to go, as it wears a bit faster than the rest. but a couple dollars extra for great sound is a small price :)
By David
Great sound, wear out fast
May 3, 2011
That is all there is to say. Aquila are the best uke strings hands down, but the low G wears fast.
By cyrus l.
tenor low G sting ...
March 15, 2011
Nice low soothing sound.... I bought a couple.
By nick
low g strings
March 3, 2011
The strings sound awesome, gives you some bass to work with. the only thing is they don't last long, so buy a few.
By Michael
Low G wound string for ukulele
February 17, 2011
Sounds great, but the aluminum winding still wears out and starts unraveling after about 10 hours playing and the string need replacing.
By Micca W.
Aquila tenor single low wound G
August 23, 2010
Aquila strings are lovely to use. I am not a seasoned player but noticed these are nice feeling strings to use. Many other low G's can have a buzz and these do not.
By Alfonso V.
Aquila Tenor Low G
July 8, 2010
I was introduced to Aquila strings in a shop in Hawaii. They claimed it sounded somewhat more like gut than most nylon sets. As a crossover guitar player, I prefer the low G. These strings have a great voice on my tenor koa ukulele. G string does wear out fastest, so get those separately as well.
Aquila Tenor single low wound G
June 12, 2010
Actually I play a baritone uke and the G string often wears out. By using the Tenor G I can replace the one baritone string and not break up full set. I won't use any other strings than Aquila.
By Dan
Low E Tuning Uke
April 13, 2010
Nice sounding string. The cheapest way to make you chords sound fuller and extend your solo range towards the low end.
By Paul
Aquila Tenon Low G
March 31, 2010
Great sound.
Ukulele strings
February 5, 2010
This wound G is the only single one I could find and it has worked out very well. Its lower pitch adds fullness to chords on my 6 string tenor and is brighter than the guitar string I was using.
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