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Aquila Tenor Low Wound G Set, ATLWG

Aquila Tenor Low Wound G Set, ATLWG
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By Major N.
Somerville, MA
My favorite strings
April 14, 2021
I love playing these strings, primarily on my Cordoba 25ce. Wish I could purchase the low wound G individually, as that one tends to go first, so I have numerous partial sets of strings.

I get (almost) all my strings from juststrings.com and you should too.
Great, mellow sound (especially after they break in a bit) Long lasting Can't buy just the G (I don't think)
By Lauren
Great tone, fast shipping
October 1, 2019
I love these great strings for my tenor uke. Good tone, good price, arrived quickly.
By OlBlindMan
Low G Tenor
December 26, 2014
I tune all my ukes using a low G (except my 8 string, which has both hi and low). I guess coming from guitar, it sounds more right to me (although I have never been much on guitar). I like playing a bass line, and I like the fuller tone with the low G. I do play a lot of rock/contemporary tunes, and it sounds more correct. Aquila strings have so far been the best I have used.
By Rodger
June 24, 2011
Always happy with your strings! Thanks again for your good service and products.
By Harvey F.
May 24, 2011
Service was excellent and the strings are sweet!
By David
Aquila Tenor Low Wound G Set
March 28, 2011
I use and supply Aquila strings with all the ukes That I build. Always able to produce the sound that I build for. I am building a custom 8-string using two sets of low wound tenor sets of Aquila strings for unison paring. Can't wait to string it up!
By Steve
Aquila Tenor Low G
February 1, 2011
I always use Aquila strings on my ukes. If a new one doesn't come with Aquila strings, I change them first thing. I love the low G set on my tenor. Adds another layer of tones to our uke duets.
By Bob
Aquila Tenor Ukulele Low wound G Set
January 30, 2011
It really was a tone change for my Makala Tenor Ukulele. I love the sound and the Aquila strings make a huge difference. I am very satisfied with the quality of the strings and the service I received from Just Strings, I will return to JUST String for my future music needs. I recommend them very highly and I recommend the Aquila Tenor Low wound G Set as the only way to go!
By Jim F.
Aquila Tenor Low Wound G Set
January 8, 2011
I have a Washburn OU4 made in China. Looks great, plays great, tunes great, sounds a bit dull, but low price considering everything else. I put the Aquila strings on, gave it a couple of days to "settle-in" and now it truly sounds like it cost two or three hundred dollars more. Hooray!
By Sarah
Great Strings!
January 2, 2011
Beautiful sound! I love having the low G. At first, I thought the wound string sounded different than the other nylgut strings, but now that they've set in, they sound amazing.
By janprimus
November 17, 2010
Great strings. Sweet tone, very playable. Low G rocks.
By Roland G.
Aquila Tenor Low Wound G Set
November 10, 2010
I have been playing the Ukulele for over 45 years. These string are great sounding. Worth the price paid for them.
By c c.
the only string for me
November 2, 2010
By Matt L.
Nyl-gut Tenor Uke strings
July 3, 2010
Amazing strings. The sound is solid and clear, the tension is just right and amazingly, they do sound like gut strings.

The downside is they stretch like salt water taffy on a hot day.

Put them on at least a day or two before you need to use them on a gig, and just be aware that they will continue to stretch and you'll be OK.

Great strings!
By Skip
Aquila Tenor Ukulele Low G set
March 12, 2010
I really like the low G tuning. And I have replacements for the C, E, and A strings when I need them. When I bought my Ukulele the seller prepared it with Aquila Strings (high G) so I like the quality of the strings. My low G string has a strange buzz or harmonic when playing the A note or second fret. But otherwise I like the sound fullness and the extra five notes.
By Gronk
Aquila Tenor Low Wound G Set, ATLWG
January 14, 2010
Great strings! It has been said that a guitar player going to ukulele would prefer the low G and that's my experience exactly. Heed the advice about them taking several days to "settle in", though. Love the service. Even here in a big city like Chicago, finding Aquila's ain't easy so it's nice to place an internet order and find them in the mail a couple of days later. You guys are my new internet resource for the strings.
By Rey S.
Aquila Strings
January 13, 2010
One of the best sets of ukulele strings and sold for a reasonable price.
By dbaker
Aquia ,Tenor Low Wound G
December 24, 2009
Great strings! The low wound "G" was just the sound I was looking for, a great price and all the way to Canada in a week! Fantastic.
By ritch p.
November 9, 2009
My instrument came with the aquilla tenor high g string set...which sounded great as it was. I was looking for a mellower g string. I bought the set and it was just what my tenor need ...a full low tone g. I kinda pick, melody, strum, and this string really brought little my tenor to life. As for the full set....as these wear I will replace the old set with the new...and purchase a single low g. Aso the strings are very stable in our climate..cold..damp..temp changes quicker than my mind....these are terrific.
By James K.
Uke strings AQU_ATLWG
October 27, 2009
Excellent sound - very happy with these strings; however, the 1st string seems to break after extensive play, but before the other strings are ready for replacement. May be my axe or it may be a hazard of the gauge/tension. In any case I wish JustStrings would break sets and sell individual A-strings.

Nylgut is a completely different material than Nylon and needs a bit of extra care during installation because of its soft surface and different molecular structure.

First check that the string channels in the nut are rounded and have no sharp edges, especially the lower edges facing the fingerboard. Because the string approaches from a slightly downward angle, if that edge is sharp the string can hang up on it, create a burr and break. It needs to be just slightly radiused, and this procedure can be done with very fine sand paper and an old string, or a small round file. Some makers ignore this because Nylon strings are very hard and can withstand a poor set up. Sometimes bridge saddle edges on the tying side are sharp as well and should be radiused slightly with fine sandpaper.

It is good to help the strings over the nut by lifting them slightly right at the nut as you tune up. Plain Nylgut trebles stretch like crazy so you should also cinch the strings up tight on the barrels before winding. Be sure not to overlap wound strings on the tuning barrels. The preferred method is to put a set on an instrument in the evening, bring them just up to pitch, let them sit overnight, and finish tuning in the morning. This allows the molecules some time to adjust to being stretched. Give them a week or so to stretch in fully (less for ukulele strings) before passing any judgment on tone as it takes a while for them to develop their best sound.






1st A


.67 mm

6.7 Kg

2nd E


.84 mm

5.9 Kg

3rd C


1.00 mm

5.3 Kg

4th G



6.2 Kg

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