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Aquila Soprano Regular C Set, ASRC

Aquila Soprano Regular C Set, ASRC
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By Johnathan
Recommended for Any Ukulele
January 24, 2013
The only strings I can really recommend wholeheartedly. I've seen them completely transform second-hand garage sale ukuleles into workable instruments. The sound is clear and clean, and the sustain is much longer than on most traditional nylon strings. Be advised that these strings do take at least two days to settle down to a consistent pitch center, as they are very elastic. Once they have been broken in, however, they are durable, long-lasting strings that will hold their intonation very well over time. Additionally, you will feel a bit more friction when playing on these strings as opposed to nylon, which I personally believe gives better control on slides, glissandos, and fast passages in general. If you are serious about improving your tone, I would strongly recommend purchasing these strings.
By Karen
Nylgut strings are great
August 2, 2012
My son's electric-accoustic baritone uke broke a string. I bought a set and he loved them. They took a bit of time to settle in but the unique sound they produced astounded him because the tone is so different from the nylon ones. The strings have also lasted. Now he needs strings for his smaller uke, and I'm buying him the Nylguts again.
By Elvin
October 20, 2011
I absolutely love the Aquila Soprano Regular C set strings that I purchased and installed on my Oscar Schmidt OU13, soprano.

Unfortunately, The Banjo Ukulele Set were a disappointment, installed on my Gold Tone, open-back banjolele. I used them for a week, then replaced them with a set of regular Aquila strings.

Thanks for asking
By John K.
Gibson soprano ukulele
August 15, 2011
I installed these strings on an old Gibson uke and am very pleased with the improved performance. Thanks for the prompt service.
By Brandi
Happy Uke
May 26, 2011
Couldn't be happier! Took a little time for them to settle and stay in tune, but they are easy on the fingres and sound great!
By Mark
Aquila Nylgut
May 23, 2011
All I can say is wow. They sound awesome. I had to deduct 1 star because I really wanted there to be a ball-end option. Other than that, no complaints. Just do everything said to prep your uke for these strings and you'll have no regrets.
By Caitlyn
Amazing service
April 15, 2011
There's no doubt that Aquila strings are top notch for ukes. The customer service from Just Strings is outstanding as well. My strings arrived literally the day after I ordered them, and that's with first class shipping! I'll never look anywhere else for strings for any of my instruments. Thanks for the great product and greater service.
By K A.
Improved my Mahalo!
March 26, 2011
I installed these strings on my cheap Mahalo ukulele and the sound improved dramatically--so much that I upgraded my uke to an Oscar Schmidt that sounds even better. Buy these strings! They're magical!
By Mike
Aquila Nylgut strings for soprano uke
November 4, 2010
The best. No question about it.
By Billy
aquila soprano c set
September 17, 2010
Great product. Stays in tune after a short break in period.
By Micca W.
Aquila soprano regular c set
August 23, 2010
Makes the kids little ukes sing like birds!
By Scott
aquila uke strings
July 22, 2010
These are amazing - this is what a ukulele is supposed to sound like....

And they are like butter to play !

It's like night and day from the Daddarios my uke came with !!

I would tell anyone who has a uke to put these strings on !!
By Amalia
July 21, 2010
I just started playing ukulele and was frustrated and annoyed with the lame plastic ones that came on my instrument. When I put these on, they stretched for quite a while, but now my dinky Mahalo actually has tone quality and I can play whole songs without that terrible plunking or rattling! These strings are highly recommended as an easy easy way to make your instrument sound good. I can only imagine how nice a good uke would sound!
By Teejay
Great Strings
June 7, 2010
A friend recommended these strings to me, so I tried a set.

I have never been so impressed with a set of strings in my 30+ years of playing!

These things are just amazing. On my soprano uke, which was just-about unplayable with the floppy, rubbery nylons that came OEM, and only marginally better with other nylons - the entire instrument now has sustain, sparkle, and tone (whether acoustic or electrified).

They feel "tuaghter" than nylon, which means more tactile response, more finger control, and a much better control of volume when playing - pianissimo is now quiet, while still articulated and defined, and forte is loud and bold.

The feel also helps anyone who plays several instruments - especially if you play guitar, and are used to the feel of guitar strings.

The downside is that they stretch like nothing I've ever encountered... but hey, we tune the instrument before we play anyway, right? :) Just don't expect to string your uke and go onstage ten minutes later. Bad idea.

If you haven't ever used Aquila's, please - PLEASE - take a $5 gamble, and give them a whirl. They pay for themselves the first time you play them, and realize your uke sounds better than it ever did.
By claude
aquila soprano regular C set
May 1, 2010
Those strings improve any uke, vintage or not, solid wood or not too.
By Jan
Aguila Soprano Regular C Set
March 2, 2010
These strings are the only ones I use because they make any uke sound better.
By Marc
Love them
February 28, 2010
When I found my dusty Martin uke passed down and unplayed and decided to take it up these are the strings my instructor told me I had to have. I have loved the sound they produce from this great instrument.
By Steve
Aquila Soprano Regular C set
December 21, 2009
I only use Aquila strings on my ukes. They make the cheap ukes sound good and the good ukes sound like they are supposed to.
By Braden
Aquila Soprano Strings
December 5, 2009
Great strings. I own a really cheap ukulele, and these strings give it a wonderful tone.
By Adam
Great strings!
August 30, 2009
These are all I use on my ukes. They have a great attack and full bright tone. I love these strings!

Nylgut is a completely different material than Nylon and needs a bit of extra care during installation because of its soft surface and different molecular structure.

First check that the string channels in the nut are rounded and have no sharp edges, especially the lower edges facing the fingerboard. Because the string approaches from a slightly downward angle, if that edge is sharp the string can hang up on it, create a burr and break. It needs to be just slightly radiused, and this procedure can be done with very fine sand paper and an old string, or a small round file. Some makers ignore this because Nylon strings are very hard and can withstand a poor set up. Sometimes bridge saddle edges on the tying side are sharp as well and should be radiused slightly with fine sandpaper.

It is good to help the strings over the nut by lifting them slightly right at the nut as you tune up. Plain Nylgut trebles stretch like crazy so you should also cinch the strings up tight on the barrels before winding. Be sure not to overlap wound strings on the tuning barrels. The preferred method is to put a set on an instrument in the evening, bring them just up to pitch, let them sit overnight, and finish tuning in the morning. This allows the molecules some time to adjust to being stretched. Give them a week or so to stretch in fully (less for ukulele strings) before passing any judgment on tone as it takes a while for them to develop their best sound.






1st A


.60 mm

3.7 Kg

2nd E


.73 mm

3.2 Kg

3rd C


.91 mm

3.0 Kg

4th G


.65 mm

3.4 Kg

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