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Aquila Soprano Uke Mandolin Tuned (Fifths) Set, 30U

Aquila Soprano Uke Mandolin Tuned (Fifths) Set, 30U
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86% Recommend this product (6 of 7 responses)
By Matt
Ithaca, NY
Great strings
December 3, 2021
I love these strings. They can turn a ukulele into a quieter mandolin, great for practicing quietly or getting a new sound.
By T-Bone
western Massachusetts
Good string set for mandolin tuning on a soprano uke.
November 13, 2021
I've used these off and on for years on my Anuenue long-neck soprano and they work fine. I wouldn't mind if the e sting was a little bit longer so I had a little more length to work with on the tail of my first knot down at the bridge, since that goes under all the other knots. But there is just about exactly enough if you're careful.
By Altivo
McHenry County, IL
Great idea, well done
May 20, 2021
This set of strings allows tuning a soprano ukulele as if it were a violin, GDAE. in fifths. This gives the instrument a greater melodic range and allows playing fiddle tunes and other violin melodies directly. Of most use to the player who is accustomed to a violin or mandolin, it allows the quieter ukulele to be used as a practice instrument and also (with amplification) as a performing, solo or lead instrument.

The string set also works on a concert scale ukulele, but with some uncertainty in tuning of chords because of the slight scale difference. For melody playing, this is a minor problem and can be compensated by stretching the tuning intervals by a few cents to make it sound reasonably in tune up to the third or fourth position. I'd encourage D'Addario to make a set for the concert ukulele (strings would be slightly thinner) but I don't know how large the potential market might be.

Anyway, lots of fun for the more advanced player or any fiddle or mandolin player who wants to adapt the ukulele into performances without having to deal with re-entrant tuning.
  • Reasonably priced, easy to use, holds pitch well and sounds good.
  • Due to scaling differences, pitches may be off a bit as you go up the fretboard to the higher ranges. Compromises in tuning the strings may be required.
By ukeguy
South Texas
April 3, 2021
I put these strings on a home-made concert uke. They were long enough to still cut off 3-4 inches on each string after tuning it up. Most the strings were a little too soft to do tremolo picking. Hence knocking the rating down from 5 to 4. But the open 5th tuning is just what I was looking for. It was so much fun that I went out and bought a real mandolin. The pitch doubling pairs of strings and sustain of a real mando is great. But thumbs-up to Aquila for these strings that allowed me to try before buying a much more expensive instrument.
  • similar sustain to ukulele tuned strings.
  • wider pitch range G3 - E5
  • fit easily on concert uke
By Paul M.
long island, NY
Mando Uke
May 28, 2020
Great ringing tones. Sweet when picked north of the sound hole. Old timey twang when picked closer to the bridge. Opens up loads of musical possibilities. Makes mandolin tunes easy to play and lots of fun. You won't ring out loudly in a bluegrass group, but you can enjoy playing without noise complaints from neighbors or even people in the next room. Try them on a Kala Travel soprano if you can.
  • a bit shallow on the ultra thin high e. the wound string will wear more quickly. so just buy extra single low g strings.
By David
Sharon, Massachusetts
Make your own backpacking-travel Mandolin
October 2, 2019
I wanted an ultralight instrument that I could put in a carryon bag or a backpack so I could practice the mandolin on trips. My solution was to buy a Mahalo uKe for 25$ and put mandolin tuned strings on it from Just Strings. The result was great. It weighted only 11 ounces and for a 30$ instrument sounded pretty good, and not too loud for playing in a hotel room where the people next door might want to sleep. It also has the advantage of being very easy to play,

Later on I decided to improve the intonation by simply removing the plastic insert at the bridge of the uKe. This lowered the strings enough so the intonation was reasonable at the fifth fret, which is good enough. Note that if you try to tune a uKe with normal strings to a mandolin tuning the strings break
  • Makes a great ultralight travel mandolin for a low price
  • Intonation isn't perfect, but this seems to be true on all very small stringed instruments
By Will K.
GDAE Strings
December 9, 2014
I build Cigar Box instruments. I built a Concert Ukulele and put these Aquila 30U string on and made it a 4 string Mandolin. I have only progressed to 2 finger chords, but it is the most fun of any instrument I have built. The sound is great!
Aquila Soprano Uke Mandolin Tuned (Fifths) Set, 30U


Nylgut is a completely different material than Nylon and needs a bit of extra care during installation because of its soft surface and different molecular structure.

First check that the string channels in the nut are rounded and have no sharp edges, especially the lower edges facing the fingerboard. Because the string approaches from a slightly downward angle, if that edge is sharp the string can hang up on it, create a burr and break. It needs to be just slightly radiused, and this procedure can be done with very fine sand paper and an old string, or a small round file. Some makers ignore this because Nylon strings are very hard and can withstand a poor set up. Sometimes bridge saddle edges on the tying side are sharp as well and should be radiused slightly with fine sandpaper.

It is good to help the strings over the nut by lifting them slightly right at the nut as you tune up. Plain Nylgut trebles stretch like crazy so you should also cinch the strings up tight on the barrels before winding. Be sure not to overlap wound strings on the tuning barrels. The preferred method is to put a set on an instrument in the evening, bring them just up to pitch, let them sit overnight, and finish tuning in the morning. This allows the molecules some time to adjust to being stretched. Give them a week or so to stretch in fully (less for ukulele strings) before passing any judgment on tone as it takes a while for them to develop their best sound.






1st G


.40 mm

2nd D


.61 mm

3rd A


.87 mm

4th E


.66 mm

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