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Alliance Vivace

A product of innovational design creating a traditional sound, Corelli Alliance Vivace violin strings by Savarez feature a KF composite, multifilament core that provides the warmth and focus of quality gut strings. Unlike gut strings however, the Alliance Vivace strings are impervious to changing temperate and humidity and maintain their intonation and tuning longer. Along with their tonal similarity to gut strings, these synthetic core strings provide the elastic, flexible feel and texture preferred by serious violinists. Corelli Alliance Vivace violin strings also ‘settle in’ quickly and have excellent bow response. The A string is aluminum wound, the D string is silver/aluminum wound, the G string is silver alloy wound and the plain steel E is available in loop or ball end. Sets are available with either a loop or ball end, and single strings from both sets are also available. Savarez has been manufacturing premium violin strings for over 250 years, and they have an outstanding reputation among violinists. Renown violinists such as Patrice Fontanarosa and Mizue Hashiguchi attest to the strings’ complexity and richness. Corelli Alliance Vivace strings are sized to fit full sized violins.
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