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V-Picks Small Pointed Lite 1.5mm (one pick), SPLGP

V-Picks Small Pointed Lite 1.5mm (one pick), SPLGP
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Product Reviews for V-Picks Small Pointed Lite 1.5mm (one pick), SPLGP

V-Picks Small Pointed Lite 1.5mm (one pick), SPLGP3JonathanMay 7, 2010I like this pick a lot but it has one big downfall. The bevel angle needs to be steeper. It's just not designed for speed picking. you have to cock your wrist too much so i give 3 stars.
Laser cut the same size as a very popular and common Jazz pick @ 1.5mm thick, the Small Lite Pointed V-Pick is great for all kinds of music. This guitar pick gives you a fatter, beefier tone, more volume and faster action over your strings. Lots of articulation, with great snap and bite. Great for both rhythm and lead playing, and also plays and sounds good with acoustic guitars. This is a very popular guitar plectrum.

This guitar pick will actually stick to your fingers as the body heat from your fingers warm up the pick. You will not drop them, or have to readjust them while playing. These are reasons why so many guitarists are replacing their old style guitar picks with V-Picks.

These are the picks that you have heard of. If you belong to a forum, you probably have read the buzz. And this new pick is already becoming a very popular model indeed. This new Small Pointed is a bit thicker than a normal pick, but not as thick as some of the boutique speed picks. It is the missing link between thin, flimsy picks and thick, chunky ones. It is the guitar pick that you have been searching for!
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