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V-Picks Screamer 2.75mm (one pick), SGP

V-Picks Screamer 2.75mm (one pick), SGP
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Product Reviews for V-Picks Screamer 2.75mm (one pick), SGP

V-Picks Screamer 2.75mm (one pick), SGP2Mark TMarch 22, 2011I like larger picks, and this is larger and very pointed. Sounds okay and is pretty comfortable for such a fat pick. I use it a lot, but I need to get my money's worth out of it. I forgot to give the other 1.75 v-pick 2 stars also.
Endorsed by Joshua Craig

This guitar pick is very, very popular! It's a fantastic pick that works for all styles. This pick will knock you out! The all-in-one V-Pick. We recommend this plectrum as an intro to our line. Longer bevel creates sharp attack, brighter tone & more volume. There's some fast action in this pick!

The Screamer has very bright highs and a big low end as well. The mids are not as strong as the other V-Picks due to the bevel design, so this pick actually gives you a mid-range scoop! Most players will really like this pick from the start. Has that wonderful gripping effect. A lot of players never get the chance to try other V-Picks after ordering this one because they are so happy with the Screamer.

2.75mm thick.
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