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Tone Gear String Cleaner, 0446

Tone Gear String Cleaner, 0446
Tone Gear
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Product Reviews for Tone Gear String Cleaner, 0446

Tone Gear String Cleaner, 04465Bob SayerAugust 19, 2011Brilliant Idea! Just a few wipes and it removed a lot of the debris from the strings that wouldn't come off before And it took about a quarter of the time to give them a really good clean. I haven't had time to do my bass with the other one yet but I'll get stuck into it soon. Such an easy way of doing the small but neccessary cleaning jobs.
The String Cleaner by Tone Gear extends the life and preserves the tone of guitar strings. It removes harmful substances like sweat and oils and keeps strings strong. The revolutionary design allows for 360 degrees of cleaning power. String Cleaner requires no solution, and there's no possibility of it damaging frets. Featuring cleanable microfiber pads it is not a disposable item it saves the musician money on new strings by prolonging the life and the tone of the string.

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