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Sfarzo Alloy 5109 Electric, .009 - .042, 5109E300

Sfarzo Alloy 5109 Electric, .009 - .042, 5109E300
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Product Reviews for Sfarzo Alloy 5109 Electric, .009 - .042, 5109E300

Sfarzo Alloy 5109 Electric, .009 - .042, 5109E3005Dr. LaRrY's Custom GuitarsNovember 15, 2011Been playing stringed things since 1978 and mostly sticking to Ernie Ball strings. Got these buying a group of different strings to try out about 6 months ago and just got around to using these 5109's, the last pack of the group. Now I'm re-ordering ALL 3 sizes of .009's to try out ! This 9~42 being my standard preferred gauge, but usually using Super Slinky's, I put them on my most recent guitar to my collection, a Danelectro U3 with triple lipstick pickups, and I was pleasantly surprised how responsive and sweet they played & sounded even on a lowend guitar like this. After playing it nonstop for a week they still have that new string feel & popping tone to them, and I can't wait to stick a set on one of my Les Paul's. Really wish I could post a sound clip ! A true diamond in the rough ! Just try a set in your size, they're not expen$ive, and I think you'll change your mind about 5109's !!!
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