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Sfarzo S.F.T. Bass Medee Lites, .045 - .100, 5030RW

Sfarzo S.F.T. Bass Medee Lites, .045 - .100, 5030RW
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Product Reviews for Sfarzo S.F.T. Bass Medee Lites, .045 - .100, 5030RW

Sfarzo S.F.T. Bass Medee Lites, .045 - .100, 5030RW5Todd ForbesOctober 31, 2010I was not impressed at all. The A, D, and G strings were ok sounding and feeling, not very bright or punchy. The E string was dead as soon as I put it on. Maybe it was just a bad set, but I definitely won't buy another set to find out.






1st G

Nickel/Iron Wound



2nd D

Nickel/Iron Wound



3rd A

Nickel/Iron Wound



4th E

Nickel/Iron Wound





"The Challenge: There are several things to consider when making a guitar string. One must consider how large the core is in relation to the size of the outer wrap. The difference between them will determine how fast the string will break down due to fret wear. Your frets act like a file cuasing wrap separation You have heard other guitar players say "Hey, Brand X is the best string I ever used, but they don't last long, I have to buy a set every week". Our Core-to-wrap ratio will give you longevity, sustain and Output.

"Reality: The core is essential in electric guitars because the core is generally made from steel, where the wrap is usually a nickel alloy and virtually nonmagnetic. Your pickups pickup the steel core wire output, so the bigger the core wire then the louder the string! If the core is too large you will get wrap separation.

"The Solution: Sfarzo has found that the SFARZO Rounded-Hex CoreÔ allows the wrap to grip better on the core wire, therefore less chance of wrap separation. This allows a tighter wrap winding which reduces the chance of acid from your sweaty hands getting onto the core wire, which causes oxidation and literally rots the string from the inside out. This is a more costly TECHNIQUE but will result in a better quality string. Generally speaking, the wrap is nickel alloy and virtually nonmagnetic. This provides the tone of the string where the core provides the output. Srarzo Super Screamers are made from a Nickel Alloy. Outstanding Rock and Roll Strings. S.F.T. (Superior Formulated Tone)Ô strings are a Nickel/Iron combination that results in a very powerful tone while achieving a bright output sound. Sustain is fantastic on this Rounded-Hex core.

"Personal Touch: Each and every Sfarzo String is glove hand wound and placed into its designated envelope. This keeps each string as clean and fresh as possible. The sets are wrapped then shipped directly to you when you place your order>

"Who We Are: Sfarzo StringsÔ has been developing what we consider the best possible guitar string for professional guitarists for a decade. Our primary focus is to meet the needs of all types of guitar players ranging from the beginner to the "Star" player. Our purpose is to provide high-quality, musical-based, products for all musicians.

"Our Mission: The mission of Sfarzo StringsÔ is to provide high-quality products that are affordable and innovative. We provide these products in order to help people learn, communicate, and entertain. We support our products with respectful service and support."


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