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Super-Sensitive Viola Strings

From Red Label viola strings, an instructorís choice, to Pinnacle professional viola strings, SuperSensitive viola strings have been crafted to accommodate all skill levels for over 80 years. Red Label is a steel core, nickel wound viola string set that ensures quick tuning, a brilliant tone and easy bowing response for the learning student. Pinnacle strings feature a multi-stranded core which provides a rich, pure sound and a less quick bowing response sought by professional violists. SuperSensitive viola strings offer comprehensive step-up strings that help the progressing student. Budget friendly and easily played, the Red Label viola strings seamlessly upgrade to Red Label Pearl or Octava strings, both featuring a synthetic core. For advanced players and professionals, the Sensicore and Pinnacle sets also feature synthetic cores that provide a gut-like response and a wide range of tonal dynamics. Regardless of the playerís skill level, SuperSensitive viola strings will bring out the best of an instrumentís sound with SuperSensitiveís signature tonal quality.
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