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Steel Core

La Bella Viola Full Steel Core Chr. Flat Wound, 640
Price: $36.63
Sale: $31.14
Steel core viola strings have rapidly increased in popularity amongst violists. This smaller diameter of a steel core increases bowing response, durability and tonal consistency, increasing the playability of steel core metal viola strings. Although the company has discontinued production of their gut strings, La Bella produces viola strings that feature a full, solid steel core and a chrome steel winding. The all metal viola strings provide a brilliantly warm tones and excellent resonance. The chrome steel winding is also flatwound, providing gentle playability for student players. La Bella metal viola strings are manufactured in America by E & O Mari. The “family of Mari” has been designing and manufacturing quality strings since the 17th century. Although inconsistently carried by retailers, the steel core viola strings are an ideal set for student violists and hobbyist. Affordable, La Bella metal viola strings are also long-lasting and exceedingly durable.
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