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Snark Clip-On Guitar/Bass/Violin Tuner, SN-5

Snark Clip-On Guitar/Bass/Violin Tuner,  SN-5
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Product Reviews for Snark Clip-On Guitar/Bass/Violin Tuner, SN-5

Featuring frequency ranges specifically tailored to guitar, bass and violin, the SN-5 tuner clips to your instrument and receives pitch vibrations through its highly sensitive sensor for tuning to the entire chromatic range. The bright, full color display clearly shows the deviations from pitch even in low light situations. The display rotates 360 degrees allowing for discreet placement and easy viewing by both right and left handed players. As the Snark is chromatic, you can easily deal with non-standard tunings. The Snark will read any note you play.

The “Stay Put” clip will keep the tuner securely placed on your instrument. If you think your instrument may have a finish sensitive to a clip on tuner, choose the SN-10 studio tuner or the SN-3 or SN-4 console tuners. One CR2032 battery (included) powers the SN-5 tuner, and with its “Power Saver” feature will give you extra long battery life. The tuner display dims after five seconds of no sound detection and returns to normal display brightness when a note is detected. The tuner will turn off after two minutes of no sound detection. The display portion of the tuner measures about 1 ˝” in diameter and ˝” deep.
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