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S I T Strings Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Silencers Pro Light, .011 - .050, GL1150

S I T  Strings Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Silencers Pro Light, .011 - .050, GL1150
S I T Strings
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Product Reviews for S I T Strings Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Silencers Pro Light, .011 - .050, GL1150

S I T Strings Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Silencers Pro Light, .011 - .050, GL11505John BaboianOctober 17, 2009As a "Jazzer" who's used to flatwound strings on my archtop, these strings do a good job of feeling and sounding not so bright and scratchy. Playing jazz on a flattop guitar, I can't use the typical round wound bright strings because they're too noisy. These strings are a very nice compromise between acoustic sound and feel and my need for flatwound sound and feel.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Inverse Wound



4th D

Inverse Wound



5th A

Inverse Wound



6th E

Inverse Wound





"The world's newest and most technically advanced acoustic string. The Silencer process of "Inverse String Winding" compresses the outermost part of the cover wrap while leaving the internal portion of the string intact. This design - exclusive to S.I.T. - produces a silky feel minimizing finger and fret noise, but explodes with a round wound sound."

The Company

"When the S.I.T. Strings Company was started in 1973, we wanted to be different from any other in the industry. Extensive marketing and large sales were never our primary goals. Due to the fact that we both had a love for the guitar and music, the company always reflected our enthusiasm for change. And change is what this company was based on, never being content with the standards of everyone else, but always striving for a higher level. By creating and inventing things that had never been thought of before, S.I.T. has always made strings that change things.

Quality control was also a major concern, and it was discovered long ago that only caring machine operators could be permitted to construct musical instrument strings. Each and every piece had to have the individual attention of the engineer, and our strings are still made this way today.

After S.I.T.'s humble start, it was not long before professional and amateur players alike were demanding the product on an international scale. Since that time, we have grown by leaps and bounds, and are always looking for ways to create new products and improve old ones.

S.I.T. is committed to, as well as thankful to, the musicians who made us what we are. We will always strive to stay the most progressive string company in the world.

Why not inspect our strings closely and prove this to yourself? Stop by for a free factory tour, and see them made while you wait.

The improvements and innovations have only just begun, and as we move into the next century there will always be room for improvement. We invite you to be a partner along that journey with us."


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