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Original Super Screamers

Get more bang for your buck with our Sfarzo Super Screamers. Their original series has nickel alloy-based strings that are made for screaming lead guitar.
Sfarzo Strings, based in Santa Rosa, California, has been manufacturing high end acoustic, electric and custom strings for over three decades. Handmade and precision spun, their strings feature their own special nickel/iron alloy, rounded hexagonal cores and the best materials for a superior product. Their original Super Screamers are recommended for a powerful output, great sustain and consistent tone, making them ideal "rock and roll strings." Our Super Screamer strings range from super lite to regulars, and we also have their Blues set. Our customers, some of whom are professional musicians frequently out on the road playing shows, rave about the longevity of these strings. They also report good sound definition, brightness and easy bending. With our low prices, these Sfarzo strings are a great value.
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