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S.F.T. (Superior Formulated Tone)

Sfarzo S.F.T. Guitar Strings are produced with a Nickel / Iron combination of alloy that results in a very powerful sounding tone while still achieving a bright output sound. The sustain and the vibration of these strings are fantastic.
For over 3 decades, California-based Sfarzo Strings have been manufacturing "Superior Guitar Strings for Superior Guitarists." Their S.F.T. strings (Superior Formulated Tone) use a nickel and iron alloy wrapping over a rounded hexagonal core wire. This results in a bright output and rich, powerful tone with impressive sustain. Artists who swear by these strings include Yes guitarist Steve Howe and Pat Simmons, guitarist for The Doobie Brothers. You can choose from several different sets, including Super Lite (.008-.038), Regular Lite (.009-.046) and Regulars (.010-.046). We also have their Nickel/Iron Wound Blues set (.011-.048). For those who use drop-D or drop-C tunings, we offer the Sfarzo S.F.T. Screamers Drop D and S.F.T. Screamers Drop C string sets. Replace your old, dull-sounding strings with these Sfarzo Screamers and make your guitar come alive again.

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