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Sfarzo Electric Guitar Strings

Using their own nickel/iron alloy and high quality materials, Sfarzo makes their strings with their own rounded hexcore to wrap ratio and unique gauging combinations to create a powerful and bright output with great sustain and vibrations. The electric guitar series are three types including the original Super Sceamers - nickel alloy strings which produce a great rock and roll sound, the Signature Series – finest metal alloy creating consistent tonal output ideal for studio recording and the S.F.T., super formulated tone, series Our reviewers attest to their clarity and brightness. They also acclaim how long they last while maintaining their tone. One reviewer says, “Their tone is consistent, clear, strong and because they handle so well and remain clean, they sound better. I believe it's because we play more carefully and with more confidence when we have strings that fret well and feel smooth under the fingertips.”
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