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Alloy 5109 Electric Bass Strings

Sfarzo Alloy 5109 5-String Bass, .050 - .130, 5109550
Price: $19.80
Sale: $16.83
Alloy 5109 electric bass guitar strings are available in four 4-string sets and three 5-string sets. A recently formulated alloy with increased magnetic qualities is round wound with a winding to core ratio that is greater than most other bass guitar strings. These improvements give these strings greater tone, sustain and projection. An ultra thin, clear coating adds longevity, decreased fret wear and corrosion resistance. Their excellent quality control ensures string reliability and consistency.

A 5-string set player report that, “This is a good, inexpensive, reliable set of strings. The sound is definitely on the warmer side and they are very long-lasting.

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