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Alloy 5109 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Sfarzo Alloy 5109 Acoustic, .010 - .048, 5109A100
Price: $6.16
Sale: $5.42
Sfarzo Alloy 5109 Acoustic, .011 - .046, 5109A200
Price: $6.16
Sale: $5.42
JustStrings.com proudly offers Alloy’s 5109 acoustic guitar strings in five gauge sets: Sfarzo Alloy .010 - .048; Sfarzo Alloy .011 - .046; Sfarzo Alloy .011 – .50; Sfarzo Alloy .012 - .054; and Sfarzo Alloy .013 - .056. . Made by the Sfarzo String Company, Alloy 5109 strings are coated strings made in an environment as free of oxygen as possible to ensure freshness. An ultra-thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene is added after the strings are manufactured, increasing their lifespan on the shelf and on the instrument, and adding a smooth feel to the strings. Alloy 5109 buyers are always pleased with the sound the strings produce. They characterize them as bright and crisp, and quickly fall in love with them. If these strings sound like what you’re looking for, strap them onto your guitar and start strumming away. You deserve the best strings and our collection is here to provide you with them.

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