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Red Brand Acoustic Guitar Strings

Red Brand Acoustic guitar strings use more copper than any other brand or type of strings. We carry all three sets available: the light .011 - .052 set, the medium light .012 - .053 set and the .013 - .056 set.

Red acoustic guitar strings are the first and only brand of Copper Bronze acoustic guitar strings. They have by far the highest copper content of any string winding material. Red Strings have more copper than 80/20 bronze and more copper than phosphor bronze. The extremely high copper content gives Red Brand strings more precise articulation and a bigger, louder sound than regular acoustic guitar strings. Red Brand strings also have better projections and a much richer, warmer tone than any other acoustic guitar string.

Unlike other, more traditional types of acoustic guitar strings, Red Brand strings sound luxuriously warm and rich the moment you put them on your guitar. There is no break in period while you wait for your strings to lose their initial harshness and develop the smooth, round sound you are looking for. Red Strings are the warmest sounding strings available for your guitar. If you have an overly bright or harsh sounding guitar and have always been looking for a way to calm down your tone, Red Brand strings are for you. Even if you just want to try to coax a slightly warmer tone from an already round, warm sounding guitar, Red Brand strings are your strings.

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