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Red Brand Acoustic Guitar Copper/Bronze, .012 - .053, 7312

Red Brand Acoustic Guitar Copper/Bronze, .012 - .053, 7312
Red Brand
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Product Reviews for Red Brand Acoustic Guitar Copper/Bronze, .012 - .053, 7312

Red Brand Acoustic Guitar Copper/Bronze, .012 - .053, 73124DougAugust 10, 2011I am a finger style player using more pad than nail. These strings were placed on a Franklin OM Koa. My Franklin is my secondary guitar I use for an altered tuning. I have tried numerous strings on my Franklin and most recently have been using Elixir Polyweb lights. I do not like Phosphor Bronze strings as they are too bright and brittle for my ear. I like the Reds. They have a unique ringing tone hard for me to describe but that I find pleasing. They have fewer overtones producing a more pure tone than 80/20s or phosphor bronze. Not as refined as flat wounds. They offer a unique voice for a second guitar. I don't believe I'll try them on my primary guitar. They seem to keep pitch well. I will probably use them again.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Copper Bronze Wound



4th D

Copper Bronze Wound



5th A

Copper Bronze Wound



6th E

Copper Bronze Wound



Introducing RED. The first brand of Copper Bronze acoustic guitar strings. With the highest copper content of any string material - more than 80/20 and more than phosphor bronze - RED Strings gives acoustic guitars precise articulation, louder sound, greater projection and a warmer, richer tone from the moment you tune them up. There hasn't been a significant new material introduced for acoustic guitar in 35 years.

RED Brand Strings. Add Some Warmth.
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