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Pyramid Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Pyramid has electric bass guitar sets in pure nickel flat wound, pure nickel round wound and stainless steel round wound.

Their flat wound, “Gold” strings were developed in 1956 with Walter Hofner for his first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. The pure nickel, flat winding over a chrome steel core gives a rich, warm sound favored by rhythm and blues player and has an ultra smooth touch. A BFS40 customer reports, “These strings will give you that ultra warm sound that you remember from a lot of the records from the 50-70's, … they are bright enough that you can hear the note definition, but still retain that warm bass that we all know and love.”

Pyramid’s round wound, “Maximum Performance” strings are offered in pure nickel or stainless steel, both wound on a steel core. All are 4-strings sets and long scale.

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