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Pyramid Acoustic Guitar Strings

Six acoustic guitar sets are offered by Pyramid.

Four sets are phosphor bronze round wound on a steel core, in gauges from extra light to medium. These hand wound phosphor bronze wound sets are known for their high quality. The Pyramid process allows the natural tonal quality of the phosphor bronze wire to come through because the winding wire is not polished or acid washed. A player of the A326 set states, “I have been using Pyramid strings for about 6 years now. They simply out perform all others that I have tried. They sound best when played LOUD and they bring out all the tone your guitar can produce. They last twice as long as anything else. Pyramid is all I use anymore.” An A328 set customer says, “If you want the sound of the Beatles or most early 60's bands these are the strings to use. The quality is apparent the first time you hear them.”

Also available is a silver plated wound set in a medium gauge. An enthusiastic player of this set says, “This is the Classic Steel String as in if you really want to hear what that pre-war 0/00 Martin or L0 Gibson sounded like in the year of manufacture, this is your string.”

A twelve string, acoustic is offered also with 80/20 bronze wound strings. This set is called the “Roger McGuinn Special”. A satisfied player says, “Really brought out the sound in my lovely Martin - Mahogany guitar. It had such a mellow, great sound, but these really brought the best out!”

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