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Pyramid Strings

"Legendary Strings of Unsurpassed Quality. Made of Finest Materials, With Greatest Precision, By Expert Hands, Reliable and Perfect and True. Since 1850."
The Germany-based Pyramid company has been producing the finest quality instrument strings since 1850. Whether you prefer flat-wound or round-wound Pyramid strings for your electric guitar, or are looking for high-quality replacement strings for a violin or viola, we have what you need. Our Pyramid acoustic guitar strings are available as silver-plated round-wound, phosphor bronze round-wound in different gauge sets or 80/20 bronze round-wound 12-string. Read our customer reviews to learn about the specific benefits. Pyramid's electric guitar strings can be found here, as nickel flat-wound or nickel round-wound sets. Both styles come in different gauge varieties. Flat-wound strings made from pure nickel offer long sustain and rich upper harmonics with a lot of warmth. They also have a smooth feel and a "twangy" quality. The traditional round-wound strings have a long life and a warm vintage sound with a lower tension. They're expertly wound by hand with pure nickel. The Pyramid bass strings come as pure nickel flat-wound, nickel round-wound or stainless steel round-wound. We also have top-of-the-line Pyramid strings for 12-string guitars, mandolins, violas and violins. For replacement Pyramid Gold bass strings, see our flat-wound or round-wound single strings.
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