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D'Addario Fret Polishing System, PW-FRP

D'Addario Fret Polishing System, PW-FRP
Planet Waves
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Product Reviews for D'Addario Fret Polishing System, PW-FRP

D'Addario Fret Polishing System, PW-FRP5JohnnyOctober 14, 2010I've been using these for a couple of years now, and I have to say, they've made a difference. I like bend strings a lot when I play, and every guitar I've played used to get terrible pitting on the frets. Now that I've been cleaning the frets with every string change, there's just about NO wear on the frets. This is a great DIY way to prolong the life of your frets. I've found that I don't even need to use the guard.
The Planet Waves Fret Polishing System is the secret to making your guitar's frets shine like brand new. First, select the correct slot for your guitar's frets using the polishing template built into the package. With the strings off, use a sheet of the unique fret polishing paper to polish each fret with a rapid "sanding" motion. In just a few minutes, your guitar's frets will be polished to a shine. Your guitar will play at its best when frets are kept clean and polished. Includes 5 sheets of fret polishing paper.

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