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D'Addario NS Micro Universal Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-13

D'Addario NS Micro Universal Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-13
Planet Waves
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Product Reviews for D'Addario NS Micro Universal Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-13

One of the original members of the Planet Wave NS Micro family of tuners is the universal, chromatic CT-13 tuner. You can tune most of your stringed instruments with this compact, vibration based tuner. This headstock tuner’s multi-color display and visual metronome can be adjusted to be seen from almost any angle. Clip on attachment allows easy and quick mounting on almost any instrument. An extendable arm and reversible display provide unobstructed views of the screen.

Its piezo transducer receives pitch vibrations from your instrument for tuning. Because vibration not sound is used for tuning, this extremely accurate tuner can be easily used in noisy, low light conditions. You will be able to tune acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, cellos, double basses and other stringed instruments. Tuning calibration range is wide (410Hz to 480Hz).
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