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D'Addario/Planet Waves Metronomes

March to your own beat with a D'Addario/Planet Waves metronome, or better yet, choose from the line’s all-in-one tools that also include a tuner. The metronomes suit musicians from beginner to seasoned veteran, as they allow for variation in tempo, beats per measure and time division for both simple and complex rhythms. Many new-to-the-game musicians find the metronome to be the most effective piece of equipment for getting them to think differently and pursue new paths of playing and composing. The tuner components of the all-in-one are chromatic and can therefore tune any instrument. Whichever route you go, the metronome and the all-in-one’s are compact and convenient, allowing you to stay in step and in tune any time any place. JustStrings.com definitely stays in step with D'Addario/Planet Waves metronomes and all-in-one’s with fantastic prices and great customer service.
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