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Pedulla Electric Bass Guitar Strings

“My bass just sings with these strings. The tone is just incredible!” reports a happy Pedulla string player.

An important aspect of Pedulla’s design is the tapered core going over the bridge on the B, E, A, and D strings allowing a tight fundamental response with even tension. Pedulla string designers also believe that many string manufacturers over emphasize the low B string sacrificing the string response and balance in the upper ranges. Therefore Pedulla sets include a .128 gauge low B, not larger gauges as in many other manufacturer’s sets. Their strings are designed to have optimal player and playing technique response allowing many different musical styles to be played well with them.

Both stainless steel and nickel round wound sets are available from Pedulla. Eight stainless steel sets are designed for ultimate power, punch and bright bottom and come in 4, 5 and 6-string sets in gauges from a 4-string .40-.095 to a 6-string .030-.128. Mellower, nickel round wound sets have rich overtones and are offered in 4 and 5-string sets in a variety of gauges also.

A pleased Pedulla PN5 player says, “This is the tone I've been looking for since I started playing bass 11 years ago. The tapered bridge end makes the low B string sound incredible.” Another states of the PS5B set, “…they have a very tight low B, and the growl is unbelievable. Great clarity and incredible sustain. They have a great string life as well.”

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