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Pedulla Electric Bass Nickel Wound 5 String .045 - .128, PN5B

Pedulla Electric Bass Nickel Wound 5 String .045 - .128, PN5B
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Product Reviews for Pedulla Electric Bass Nickel Wound 5 String .045 - .128, PN5B

Pedulla Electric Bass Nickel Wound 5 String .045 - .128, PN5B4LennyAugust 25, 2010I have been using GHS Boomers for a long time and wanted to try a different string. Saw an ad in Bassplayer and got these. The B,E,A & D have tapered ends and the B is .128 Vs .135. They sound really good on my Pedulla Series II and the feel is very different on the tapered strings. They are more pliable and I have had to use a softer attack with the right hand. this is good as I wanted a different string. Nice string & a nice price.






1st G

Nickel Round Wound



2nd D

Nickel Round Wound



3rd A

Nickel Round Wound



4th E

Nickel Round Wound



4th B

Nickel Round Wound





Pedulla: The Serious Bass Strings


"For two decades, M.V. Pedulla Guitars, Inc. has been making some of the world's finest basses. Utilizing an ideal combination of metal, winding, and tension, Pedulla strings match the high quality and sonic integrity of Pedulla's handcrafted instruments. Pedulla Strings deliver an open, natural sound, with strong attack and harmonically rich sustain on any bass. Available in both stainless steel and nickel, Pedulla strings deliver an unequalled sonic performance, superior playability, and the ability to withstand the demanding rigors of both stage and studio.

A critical element in all Pedulla sets is string-to-string balance, in terms of both tone and tension. Tight windings of specially chosen metal provide a robust, lively sound - even on the low B string of the 5- and 6- string sets. The B string matches the focus, timbre, and color of the other strings, so the tone is as tight and focused as the E string. In addition, it intonates extremely well, something that's absolutely crucial to the demanding bass player.

Pedulla's stainless steel strings are designed for maximum punch, power, and bottom end with a bright attack. The nickel strings are voiced with greater growl in the low end with a classic, muscular overall tone. Sets for 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses are offered in gauged sets; separate strings are also available."

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