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Optima Acoustic Guitar Strings

Optima Acoustic Gold, .010 - .047, AG1747EL
Price: $34.80
Sale: $31.32
Optima Acoustic Gold, .012 - .052, AG1747L
Price: $34.80
Sale: $31.32
Optima Acoustic Gold, .013 - .057, AG1747M
Price: $34.80
Sale: $31.32
“They rate a full 5 stars!” reports a bluegrass musician of Optima strings. Optima offers three acoustic guitar sets. The wound and plain strings are all 24 carat gold plated over high quality laboratory steel. This unique combination of alloy and gold plating ensures excellent sustain and intonation, superior corrosion resistance, and long life.

Another player says, “I have tried just about every string out there on my Collings D2H Baaa dreadnought. Nothing drives it better than these strings. They have the most natural, full rich sound. These strings last longer than any string I have used, so I don't think they cost anymore and I change strings frequently. I am done searching - these are by far the best strings for me to play on any fine acoustic guitar.”

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