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Optima Electric Guitar Gold, .009 - .046, EG2028CL

Optima Electric Guitar Gold, .009 - .046, EG2028CL
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Product Reviews for Optima Electric Guitar Gold, .009 - .046, EG2028CL

Optima Electric Guitar Gold, .009 - .046, EG2028CL2JimNovember 30, 2011When I initially installed these strings on my Ibanez S5400 they sounded great. Bright, and really cool looking as well. I have played guitar for 24 years, and primarily progressive metal. The guitar I installed them on is my favorite guitar and I've owned it since 1997. I'm very picky about the cleanliness of my instruments and the upkeep especially on older ones like that. SO, with that in mind, I'm playing through Alnico V pick-ups and my Bogner doesn't lie. The sound of the strings INITIALLY was bright. Then two weeks later dulled dramatically. I maybe put 10 hrs of playing on the stings before this happened. Then the high E broke continuously and the strings started 'grabbing' my frets during my bends(the guitar has stainless steel frets) and felt cruddy. I cleaned the strings, and it did nothing to relieve the vibrato and bend 'crud' feel. SO I stripped my guitar of the abominations and went back to Thomastik-Infeld. Skip the high priced hype and go with those. My other faves are Pyramids, Newtone, and GHS. I like a nice bright string with a nickel wrap, or 100% nickel string. If you're going for looks, and want gold strings, I guess buy these.
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