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Oasis Case Plus Humidifier, OH-14

Oasis Case Plus Humidifier, OH-14
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Product Reviews for Oasis Case Plus Humidifier, OH-14

Oasis Case Plus Humidifier, OH-145DannyMarch 8, 2010A wonderful product! Living in Colorado means very dry winters, and a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure your instruments stay in a perfect environment to avoid cracks and other problems associated with very low humidity. The Oasis Case Plus+ Humidifier is perfect, and keeps my case at a 50-55% humidity level at all times. This is the very BEST case humidifier on the market....hands down!
The Oasis Case Plus+ humidifier uses the same evaporative membrane as the Oasis Plus+ humidifier, providing 50% more daily humidity supply than the Oasis Case humidifier.

This humidifier is designed for use in drier environments where the relative humidity is below 25%. The Oasis Case Plus+ humidifier, like the Oasis Case humidifier, uses two powerful small magnets, which are embedded in the seam of the humidifier, to attach to either a small sticky backed piece of stainless steel or a metal clip (both are provided with the humidifier).

The Oasis Case Plus+ humidifier can be used in woodwind and stringed instrument cases such as clarinet, violin, cello, guitar or mandolin.
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