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NS Electric Bass

D’Addario developed the NS Electric line of strings jointly with Ned Steinberger. Since there is no real limit on volume with electric instruments, the NS Electric line focuses instead on expressive nuance and tone instead of acoustic sound projection. This allows them to bring out the richest possible tone from electric instruments as well as work nicely on acoustic instruments when subtlety and expression are more important than volume.
D’Addario developed the NS Electric line of bass strings with input from Ned Steinberger. The amplification of electric instruments allowed D’Addario to focus on extracting expressive nuance and tone from the NS Electric strings, without having to be concerned about acoustic projection. As a result, the NS Electric strings produce the richest possible tone from electric instruments and can also be used with acoustic instruments in settings where expression is more important than volume. Three versions of the NS Electric strings are available. The NS Electric Traditional strings are tensioned similar to acoustic bass strings for warm tone and excellent bow response. NS Electric Contemporary strings produce a brighter sound. NS Electric Bass/Cello strings will fit electric bass guitars. Single strings from these sets, plus additional low B and high C strings, are available and are sold individually. Check out all our double bass strings at JustStrings.com.
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