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Newtone Seven (7) String Guitar Strings

Newtone is a British company that that has been making fine hand-wound strings since the late 1980s. What makes this company so different, apart from its founder being an ex-coal miner and wire rope maker, is that each string is meticulously made by hand and visually inspected at every step of the production process. Newtone seven string guitar strings are made with the technical expertise gained from Malcolm Newton's many years in wire rope manufacturing. This has resulted in high-quality, long-lasting strings. Great attention is paid to materials, design and manufacture. Most of their strings are produced with round cores, which have a lower tension than hexagonal strings, causing less neck and soundboard strain. The lower tension enables them to use a heavier gauge in their string set without sacrificing feel. This gives the strings a richer, fuller tone. Also, because of the smooth surface under the wire wrap, dirt and oils are less likely to accumulate, which adds to the tonal life of the string. The Newtone Electrics E7's are nickel wound on a hexagonal core, and are available in different ranges of gauges .009-.056, .010-.060 and .011-.066. Our customers appreciate the extra brightness that comes from the nickel-plated windings. The Newtone Archtop Nickel Wound series features double-wrapped nickel on top of a round core. This gives the strings a mellow, warm sound without the squealing you sometimes get with single wrapped strings. These strings also last a long time. We have the Newtone Archtop strings available in two ranges of gauge sizes, .012-.072 and .013-.085. Guitar players who have tried these strings report a brighter sound with the round wound strings than flat wound, and rate these strings as among the best they've used. Experience the difference of these handcrafted Newtone seven string guitar strings.
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