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Newtone Resophonic Guitar

Newtone Square Neck Resonator Guitar strings are designed to work with the tunings used by slide players. The third string has a thicker core for a more balanced tone and tension across all the strings. A phosphor bronze winding over a round core gives these sets the modern “Reso” sound with maximum volume, warmth, full bass response and extra-long string life. Newtone Michael Messer “National” guitar strings were designed with Michael Messer to have the perfect tension for “National” and other resonator guitars, whether you are playing in regular or open tunings. The gauges are heavier than most guitar strings, but the round core and expert craftsmanship make these strings easier to play. The heavier strings will give you more volume, extra sustain and purity of tone. If you are going to play in high tunings such as E or A, Newtone advises using their light gauge set. Available in a variety of gauges, you can chose between phosphor bronze or nickel-plated steel wound strings.

Newtone combines the finest materials available, traditional craftsmanship and the latest technical knowledge to produce these world class strings.
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