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Slide Classics

Michael Messer is a preeminent guitarist from Middlesex, England, who is world renown for his slide guitar playing, incorporating both the National steel guitar and slide guitar into his acoustic performances. He perfected the art of the Mississippi Delta Blues style, and has worked with numerous musicians including British blues singer Mike Cooper, folk musician Ian A. Anderson, Ted Hawkins, Terry Clarke, Texas guitarist Jesse 'Guitar' Taylor and rhythm guitarist Ed Genis. Newtone collaborated with Messer creating the Newtone Slide Classics for electric slide guitar. Specially designed for use with the national guitars (the first resonator guitars), the strings are nickel wound on a hexagonal core giving them a bright tone. They're made of a heavy gauge which makes them suitable for drop tunings and slide guitar playing. We have them in both a light and heavy gauge sets. Put some of this master's magic into your slide guitar performance.
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