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Newtone Electric Guitar Strings

“The best strings I've ever bought…” are a customer’s testament to the quality of Newtone strings. Made in England, they are handcrafted with unique designs and individually inspected. Six series of electric guitar strings are offered from Newtone – Nickel Masters, Electric Masters, Archtop Nickel, Slide Guitar, Drop D and Stainless Steel Masters.

Known for their ability to stay in tune, Nickel Masters are wound with nickel over a hexagonal core. They have the brilliance and crispness of superior electric strings due to their distinctive design. Nine sets are available from ultra light to heavy gauges. “I would like to keep these strings a secret, but I also want them to stay in business for as long as I'm playing guitar. These strings not only sound fantastic, they are the most tune-stable strings I have ever encountered, and I've used just about all the major brands. Put them on, tuned them up (no stretching!), and they stayed right there requiring only minor tuning the next day. That's unheard of! Plus, I've had my first set on for eight months now, using a stone pick, and they still require only very small-to-no tuning tweaks on a daily basis. That's crazy!” reports a happy player of the NME-Custom set. Be careful to tune these strings to pitch before trimming to avoid unraveling.

Electric Masters sets are slightly mellower than the Nickel Masters due to their round core. These warm but bright strings also have the benefit of lower tension. Ultra light to heavy gauges are available.

Newtone’s strings for archtop guitar are double wound nickel over a round core. These strings have a distinctive smooth, low squeak touch and mellow sound due to this special construction. Gauges from light to heavy are offered in four sets. Customers say these strings “last forever” and have an “easy to play tension.” Another says, “Nice mellow tone with clarity and they don't have the rasp of most round wound strings. I never thought I would settle on one brand of strings for my archtop, but I'm done looking!”

Electric Dropped D sets are available in gauges from light to medium. These strings are nickel wound on a hexagonal core, but have a sixth string with a thicker core enabling the D drop tuning without losing tension or note definition. A NEDD-L player says, “Great tone and very clean bottom end.”

The Electric Stainless Steel sets feature stainless steel winding on a hexagonal core. They have the brightness and sustain expected in stainless steel strings. “The best strings I've ever bought…,” reports a NSS-L set customer.

Michael Messner Electric Slide Classics strings are available in two sets in light or heavy gauge. Developed by Newtone in conjunction with Michael Messner, these heavier gauge strings can be used for classic or drop tuning slide guitar. These nickel wound strings produce a brilliant sound with good sustain.
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