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Newtone Electric Nickel E7's, .011 - .066, E7-1166

Newtone Electric Nickel E7's, .011 - .066, E7-1166
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Product Reviews for Newtone Electric Nickel E7's, .011 - .066, E7-1166

Newtone Electric Nickel E7's, .011 - .066, E7-11663JamesMarch 6, 2011I purchased these strings and based my rating on a couple of factors 1. Price....they're expensive for strings, and the nuances in string might be enough for some enthusiasts, but I can get the same tone from a less expensive pair of SIT's for my 7 string. 2. Tone, they sound fantastic, they're put together in a way that really add's a brightness to the sound that you're not going to get from a coated string, and they're percussive enough on the low end that they respond well with my Rico Jr Hesperian 7 string. 3. Durability, any time you use a more nickel content string you're going to lose a bit of string life, but I find that the sacrifice is worth it. However, I snapped the low E string 3 times in the first week, while it's possible I may have just had a bad egg in the bunch, I'm not gonna blow another 15 bucks on them to find out. I've been playing 23 years, mostly hard rock/metal and do not beat on my instruments. I play a USA Rico Jr Hesperian 7 string through a Bogner Uberschall revision blue. The Guitar has Dimarzio blaze pick ups, and the strings matched up well, but not any better than a less expensive Curt Mangan or SIT. I'm also using Jazz III picks. BUT, they're alright strings. I have tried Curt Mangan, SIT, Ernie Ball, Kerly Strings etc etc...and really the difference in tone for me is really not noticeable enough to warrant spending 15 bucks on something when I get the same results for 8 bucks.
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