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La Bella Double Ball End Flat Wound .128, S505B

La Bella Double Ball End Flat Wound .128, S505B
La Bella
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Product Reviews for La Bella Double Ball End Flat Wound .128, S505B

La Bella Double Ball End Flat Wound .128, S505B5SteveJuly 17, 2010These strings sound great and most important they fit my Spirit XT-25 with one exception. La Bella and JustStrings make no claim that they will fit the made-in-China Steinbergers, but they are close enough to use. I had to shim the D string at the headstock by winding a bit of thread around the string next to the ball. The other four strings were perfect and the D string was just a millimeter or two too long to tune perfectly with low action. The thread easily soaked up that gap. I only use flats or nylons on my basses and like the La Bellas very much, especially on this bass. These are heavy high tension strings which tends to accentuate the long sustain that neck-thru Steinbergers. have Also the zero fret design makes it easy to set the action super low which these strings (and your fingers) will like. Because of the tension and stiffness they will not buzz even with very low action. For my other basses I would probably go with the lighter strings vs the medium. I've tried the medium and the 1954 Original Jamersons. The Jamersons sound great but are too hard for me to play. The mediums are better but the lights are probably most similar in feel to other brands of flats. If you have never tried flats, you might want to experiment with cheaper strings to see if you like the sound and feel. If you do like flats, you owe it to yourself to try a set of La Bellas. Very deep tone, long sustain, heavy guage, high tension. They are expensive but flats last forever.
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