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La Bella Electric Bass Stainless Steel Roundwound Custom Light, .044 - .106, M43

La Bella Electric Bass Stainless Steel Roundwound Custom Light, .044 - .106, M43
La Bella
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Product Reviews for La Bella Electric Bass Stainless Steel Roundwound Custom Light, .044 - .106, M43

La Bella Electric Bass Stainless Steel Roundwound Custom Light, .044 - .106, M434ToddNovember 22, 2010I would have given a 5 star rating, but the A string was just a bit dead sounding when I put them on, not enough to scrap them though. I can say I was a little disappointed because I was stoked to try these after reading several great reviews, but dead strings happen, its not a perfect world. Like I said though, the A is only a bit duller than the others. With that aside, La Bellas are the smoothest and least abrasive (on fingers and frets ) than any other stainless steel strings I've used. They are punchy and have a growl like no other. They're not as bright or harsh as other strings either. And they seem to have an already broken in sound and feel to them which I love, because I think strings sound the best after they break in. Besides the slightly dead A, I will definitely keep using these and I would recommend La Bellas, although I will try a different gauge, the .061 D is a little too light for my liking.






1st G

Round Wound Stainless Steel



2nd D

Round Wound Stainless Steel



3rd A

Round Wound Stainless Steel



4th E

Round Wound Stainless Steel




La Bella Strings

"Since the emergence of the electric bass guitar on the Fifties, La Bella has been dedicated to manufacturing superior strings for this instrument. As a pioneer and innovator, the company continues to develop strings following the electric bass' evolution. When selecting materials or set constructions, La Bella has always consulted with a long list of professional players and makers. All the perfectly balanced sets, including the gauges for the 4, 5, 6, and 8-string basses, are used by many great Jazz, Rock, Pop and session players.

The ultimate Rock bass guitar string, the Hard Rockin' Steel series are very bright and long lasting. These round wound stainless steel strings are super-flexible for bending and sustaining notes.

La Bella Electric Bass Strings are used and endorsed by:
Kenny Aaronson, Roscoe Beck, Brian Bromberg, Bunny Brunel, Alain Caron, Oscar Cartaya, Donald 'Duck' Dunn, Bob Glaub, James Jamerson, Neil Jason, Louis Johnson, Joy Julkes, Hugh McDonald, Jason Newsted, Joe Osborn, Chuck Rainey, Michael Rhodes, Steve Swallow & Jamaladeen Tacuma."

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