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Kolstein Double Bass Strings

From one of Americaís finest luthiers, Kolsteinís of Brooklyn, N.Y., come these VariCor Excel orchestral strings for double bass. VariCor Excel strings are made to provide a traditional sound with all the advantages of modern string construction. VariCor Excel strings are lauded for their superb sustain, which lets them stand up to pizzicato playing even though they are intended primarily for orchestral use. JustStrings.com has Kolstein VariCor Excel string sets for orchestral tune or for solo tune, as well as extended E strings sold individually. Kolsteinís has been serving musicians since 1943 and the family name has become one of the most trusted in the business. Order your Kolstein VariCor Excel double bass strings from JustStrings.com to take advantage of our fast shipping and low prices.
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