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Ken Smith Electric Guitar Strings

From Ken Smith, leading manufacturer of custom basses, we have Ken Smith electric guitar strings. These quality-made Ken Smith guitar strings are constructed of stainless steel, nickel-plated steel and a nickel-iron alloy. Their round wound strings offer a very bright sound with a smooth feel on the fingers and a powerful output. They're designed for players of all musical styles and are available in several different sets of gauges. Round wound strings will give you a brighter, livelier sound than flat wound. Our sets include .008-.038, .009-.042, .009-.046, 010-.038, .010-.046, .010-.052 and .011-.050 gauges. Players report that these strings have a rich tone and stay in tune longer than expected. This esteemed company has been custom designing basses for over 30 years. For Ken Smith, electric guitar strings were a natural progression. With Ken Smith electric strings, you can keep playing without having to constantly retune. Seven nickel plated steel electric guitar sets, all in the “Burners” series, are made by Ken Smith. Gauges range from extra light, .008-.038, to medium, .011-.050.
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