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Kanoun Strings

La Bella Kanoun Strings
Popular in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asian, the kanoun, or qanun, is a plucked box zither found in traditional and classical music of the regions. Trapezoidal in form, the kanoun typically features 26 courses of strings with three strings in each course. Laid across the player’s lap, the kanoun is played by plucking the kanoun strings by both hands. Each course of three strings also has a lever, or mandal, that can be raised or lowered to change the course’s pitch while playing. A leader in exotic string manufacturing and design, La Bella offers two different sets of strings for kanoun, a black nylon and clear nylon set. Both 75-string sets feature string sizes to fit the different courses of a typical kanoun. Since a kanoun’s design can differ among various regions, the number of mandals and courses can vary also. La Bella’s kanoun string sets are designed to fit most modern Turkish kanouns but can be applied to other regional variations.
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