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JustStrings.com Stainless Steel Round Wound .120, 120SR-1

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Product Reviews for JustStrings.com Stainless Steel Round Wound .120, 120SR-1

JustStrings.com Stainless Steel Round Wound .120, 120SR-15Malcolm Hall/Eden Aartist/Brubaker bass ArtistMarch 31, 2011I had liked DR-Fatbeams for the soft,easy to bend feel. Then I'd prefer D'addario ProSteels for the aggressive bite and thunderous low-mids they added to my brubaker basses, but the tension of the D'addarios caused me finger blisters all the time, in spite that I love the tone. So, for years I have been TRYING every brand of strings (because I can afford it) hoping to find the one with the TONE AND FEEL to suit my needs.So from 08/10/1995 to 03/30/2011, there was a VOID in my music career. BUT I'M BLESSED TO ANNOUNCE THAT those time are BEHIND me now!!!!! **JUSTSTRINGS brand has totally satisfied my needs FINALLY! The feel is gentle and the TONE is AGGRESSIVE. My basses cuts through the mix now, like a CHAINSAW THROUGH A WEDDING CAKE! I am so over joyed with what these strings are doing for me. Btw, I'm only using the light gauge "my custom setup" 25-40-60-80-100-120.Stainless steel. More over if I should go for the medium setup i.e 30-45-65-85-105-125, I can imagine my basses are going to be "BEEFY LIKE A BUTCHER'S KITCHEN" I am very anxious and exited to demonstrate these JUSTSTRINGS on YOUTUBE very soon. You may search: malcolm hall brubaker bass eden amp on youtube and you will find me pulling "juststrings" lol So, all in all if you want to be heard in the mix, the strings you need are just strings....lol ( I meant juststrings brand)
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