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Intellitouch Tuners

As the inventor of clip-on, vibration based tuners in 1995, you can trust Intellitouch’s long experience to provide the best in tuner capabilities. Intellitouch tuners represent true innovation in chromatic, clip-on tuners. Choose from three stand-alone tuners or a tuner with a built-in, single action capo. These tuners have clear, easy-to-read color displays in a convenient compact size.

All tuners shown are chromatic, hitting all the notes on the chromatic scale. They work for guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more. Because these tuners feel the pitch through vibrations instead of hearing through an open microphone, they are extremely accurate in noisy environments. The bright, color display will show you the note you are tuning, turning from red to green when the correct pitch is reached. The PT10C and PT40C also have a built-in digital clock which allows a quick subtle glance at the remaining time on a gig or a lesson. The CT1 tuner not only gives easy and accurate tuning in a compact size, but also has a strong, single action capo for use with 6 and 12-string guitars. Tuning at any fret has never been easier!

All four tuners have a limited lifetime warranty from OnBoard Research Corporation.
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