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For both professional and amateur musicians, caring for instruments is an important part of ensuring and elongating the instrumentís tonal quality and lifespan. By wiping your strings down vigorously after each time you play with GHS Fast Fret, String and Neck Lubricant and String Cleaner, you can reduce the amount of corrosive build-up that occurs from skin oil, sweat and debris. These string contaminates work to deaden string tones, but instrument care accessories are available from most brand-name string manufacturers to combat corrosive build-up.

JustStrings.com Extra Large Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth are specifically made to wipe away contaminates without scratching delicate instrument finishes. Most are made of 100 percent cotton or microfibers. Untreated guitar cleaning cloths can be used with a variety of guitar polishes to preserve the sound and look of an instrument. Itís best to find a guitar polish that does not contain silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol. These ingredients can actually damage guitar finishes and create string build-up prematurely. Caring for instruments by using quality instrument care accessories is an easy way to enhance your sound and preserve your instrumentís quality.
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