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Harp Guitar Strings

La Bella Harp Guitar Strings
The harp guitar strings that we sell are designed for instruments with 6, 10 or 12 additional strings. These sets contain only the “harp” strings and not the six string acoustic set that is used on the “guitar” portion of the instrument. Those sets are available in the Acoustic Guitar section. The strings below the regular guitar strings on a harp guitar are called “sub-basses” because they are strung below the lowest E string of the regular guitar set. We carry harp guitar strings (sub-basses) by La Bella. They offer 6 string ball end, 6 string plain end, 10 string plain end as well as 12 string plain end sets. One can tune harp guitar string however one wishes, but La Bella recommends a tuning of G#, G, F#, F, D#, D, C#, C, B, A#.

The harp guitar has been in existence for at least two hundred years. There have been many instruments called “harp guitars” over the years, but today, the name applies specifically to instruments that are guitars, acoustic or electric, that have additional strings in a harp-like (unfretted) configuration that allow the player to play plucked harp like accompaniments to more conventional guitar playing. These are referred to as “harp guitars” because they are in fact, guitars, with additional strings that may be played in the same manner as a harp. The harp-like quality of these guitars is not that they sound like harps or look like harps, but that they have unfretted strings somewhere other than the fretboard itself. The unfretted strings are almost always played as open strings.

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