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Gibson Mandolin Strings

Gibson Sam Bush Signature, .011 - .041
Price: $9.14
“Great clarity and note separation. They seem to last forever,” exclaims a Gibson mandolin string player. Gibson offers three types of mandolin strings – 80/20 bronze wound (167ML set), phosphor bronze wound (Bill Monroe Signature set), and monel wound (Sam Bush Signature set).

The bronze wound set gives you a robust tone with depth and “an extended ring of harmonics.”

Bill Monroe’s Signature set with phosphor bronze wound strings give you a slightly warmer tone with the most response. A player of this set reports, “Great tone, great volume, they stay in tune, they don't rust, and first string doesn't break when you play hard... Bill did good pickin' this combo.”

Sam Bush’s Signature set uses monel wound strings for Sam’s unique, pure sound. The monel wound strings are wrapped over a hex core of premium Swedish steel with Gibson’s “Tone Tempered” winding process. “I have a Gibson F-5 (ca. 1962) and it only sings with these strings. The tone and balance from high to low is perfect, plus they seem to last forever!” says a Sam Bush set player. Also, the monel winding is obviously a ‘plus factor’. It doesn't corrode or collect grime as much as bronze. (It's also used as lock wire on aircraft components).”
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