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Vintage Reissue

There are many factors that come into play when you're trying to achieve a warm, rich vintage guitar sound. There's the resonance of the wood, the response of the bridge and nut and the quality of the pickups. But the first thing that contributes to this sound is the tonal quality of your strings. For their reissue style guitars, Gibson developed special strings that would bring out the full richness and tone of these instruments. What are Gibson vintage reissue strings? They're specially constructed strings made from pure nickel wrappings around Swedish steel hexagonal cores. This differs from modern strings in that more recent construction techniques use nickel plated steel wraps, and some use stainless steel wraps. The pure nickel winding contributes to a warmer tone that more closely approximates the guitar tones of the 1950s and 1960s, because solid nickel is what was used back then. Their superior material and slow-wound technique gives the Gibson vintage reissue strings the long lasting, rich tone of bygone days. We offer ultralight, light and medium lights gauged sets to suit all playing styles and preferences. You'll see from the reviews that our customers have nothing but high praise for these exceptional strings.
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