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As the company that first invented the metal guitar string in 1927, Gibson knows a thing or two about manufacturing exceptional guitar strings. Their nickel wrapped, Swedish steel hex core strings combine a bright, crisp sound with a warm tone. These are strings that are reported to tune quickly and stay in tune longer. They are widely used and revered by amateur players and professionals alike. In Gibson's Signature Series, they've developed special sets designed for the playing styles of three legendary masters of the instrument Les Paul, B.B. King and Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. In designing distinctive players' strings, signature sounds deserve specially-constructed string sets. For the Les Paul strings, the company worked with the famous guitarist to develop a lighter gauge on the treble end for easier string bending, and a heavier gauge on the bass end for richer chords and a powerful overall sound. B.B. King's strings provide a firm but very playable feel, and Ace Frehley has admired the crisp response and long sustain of Gibson strings throughout his illustrious career with Kiss. The silk wrap on the ball end of all the legendary series strings reduces wear and harmonics, making these great sounding and long-lasting strings, no matter what your playing style may be.
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